Synth One APP as IAA plugin

Hi all,

Sometimes when I plug-in Synth One, it turns silent as a sample or midi sound. No matter it’s in Beatmaker 3 or Synth One. Am I the only one who encountered this issue? Or is there any rule of using IAA in Beatmaker 3?




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    Personally I avoid IAA as much as possible.

    Too many limitations, bugs and glitches, incompatible samplerates, and ghost instances that require either a force quit or iPad restart.

    Stick to AUv3 if possible, and if you have to use IAA, record it to an audio track as soon as you can.

    Hopefully the Synth One AUv3 update will be on the horizon soon (just as AudioKit did with their FM2 synth)

  • Have you checked “background audio” is ON both in Synth One and BM3?. That would help with the audio stopping when switching between apps.
    I love Synth One but I agree that IAA is bound to random problems. If you happen to get it right, just record it to audio. I hope Synth One gets a AU3 version. I’d pay for it. Bought FM Player but I like Synth One better.

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