AKAI MPK mini keyboard trigering slices in an akward way

I’d like to trigger slices of a sample split on about 30 pads (in a bank) with the AKAI MPK mini keyboard.
See video: this is the keyboard played up chromatically. BM3 plays the last touched pad chromatically following the keyboard and then jumps to playing the pads at their original pitch and then on to playing the last touched pad chromatically.
What’s the logic here?
Why is there a mix of the 2 modes?
Why can’t I just play the slices with the keyboard?



  • Are you touching some pads and then playing the keyboard on the last touched pad? With the keyboard always playing the pads chromatically? Or does the keyboard actually play different pads when some keys are pressed?

  • The keyboard does a mix of playing a single pad chromatically AND play pads one after the other at their original pitch, which is precisely the concern.

    My intention is to play a serie of pads at their original pitch from the keyboard.

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