Pattern: please help me understand why the same pattern is displayed differently (video)

This is twice the same pattern, why isn’t the beginning of it displayed the same? (First notes are missing)


  • Patterns can be pesky little things ....have you tried selecting the pattern and hitting 'Merge' ? If there are a couple patterns on top of each other once merged you should see them displayed the same.

  • Try figuring this out on your own by answering the following questions:
    1. Which Pattern is actually playing in video 1?
    2. Which Pattern is actually displayed in video 1?

    Others to contemplate:
    3. What is the length of the Pattern that's playing in video 1?
    4. What is the length of the Pattern that's displayed in video 1?
    5. What happens when lengthing a Pattern in the editor but not in the Pattern Helper?
    6. What is the time signature?

    btw, I'm not being a dick - but I believe in the Teach a man to fish principle.

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