Synthmaster One interface won't load on my iPad (gen 6)

I am running the latest Beatmaker 3 on my iPad gen 6 (iOS 12.3.1). When I load it and tap to display its user interface, the area where the interface should appear is a plain gray background (BM3's not SM1's)

I have rebooted and tried repeatedly to get the interface to display to no avail.

It loads fine in all my other hosts.


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    Same issue in iPadOS 12.4.2 & 12.4.5 on a iPad Mini 2. Did you let Bulent know? Edit: looks like you did on the ABF.
    (It usually doesn't show the 'Cannot instantiate' text, but just a blank space. No sound either.)

  • It seems to be an SM1 bug. I’ve let the kv33 know.

  • Their support page is for anyone with bug reports, or if their reports on the Audiobus Forum went unanswered.

    Hopefully they're able to get these issues fixed, it's such a powerful synth.

  • The problem is fixed in a just-released SM1 beta.

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