New FREE Patches from Dean!

Hey Hey, Friends! 😃👊

Need some new sounds?

I've just released a new pack of FREE Beatmaker 3 patches!


  • Thanks for continuing to spread the bm3 love @DeanDaughters

    We all appreciate you. <3

  • Very nice! Thanks for sharing your hard work. Great BM3 FX too, which can be saved as presets for later use.

    Thinking aloud: Would be nice to see more BM3 commercial libraries. JRR Shop, Reverb, & many others sell sample packs formatted for HALion, EXS, Kontakt, Reason, MachFive/Falcon, etc., but don't offer them in the *.bmk3 format. And Sample Robot or Chicken Sys converters don't support BM3's format either. Getting them onboard would be great.

  • Thanks, Fellas! 😀 👊

    +1 for format converters!
    Would be super sweet if Chicken Systems Translator (or similar) had support for Beatmaker 3 patch conversion from other formats! 🤤

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