Multiple keys on one button

Is there a way to program a button to play multiple keys while using iaa/au3
I want to play chords on one button


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    Switch to the chords tabs in the top-left of the bank view (see screenshot below) and pick a chord style (eg Major 7)

    Now when you press a pad or key, bm3 will also trigger the other notes to complete the chord.

    (Sorry - this is the only screenshot I had access to from my phone)

  • Thanks for the response! I’m aware of the chords tab but it’s limited. (can’t change scale and whatnot) I was hopping there was a way to literally say if I press button 1, notes x,y,z of my choice will play together.

  • You can change the key (root note). Switch to Keys mode (top-right) and then adjust the base note setting in the bottom right - for example: change to A#. The scale is controlled by the chord mode (eg major/minor/etc.)

    If you're working with samples, you could experiment linking pads together and tune each one to the correct interval, but that's not possible with plugins because everything is on 1 pad.

    I've also just thought of a way you might be able to do it with multiple midi plugins on linked pads to transpose and route the notes into the pad with the plugin. Not sure if it will work, so will try it later today.

    The final alternative is to find a midi controller that includes chord mode.

  • I didn't believe this was possible. Only with samples I thought it could be done.

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