Is there a way to delete sessions without deleting every single item used in it?

I once tried to delete a bunch of sessions that I had no use for but I was shocked to see I accidentally deleted a bunch of kits along with them. I figured out how to recover the kits but I really want to clean my sessions up, how can I do so without deleting everything?



  • It dependes what do you want to save.
    BM3 lets you save kits (Banks) independent and place them where you want.
    BM3 lets you save everything along your Session. All banks, sounds, used by the Session.

    This is from the manual ( :
    possible, this is what you need.

  • This is one of the reasons I don't believe the save project window should include a 'save banks' option.

    What happens is that users tick this box, thinking they are just being safe and thorough, but then bm3 creates a ton of banks in the file system, that then appear in the bank browser.

    Trouble is, you may end up loading one of these 'spare' banks in a new project and not realise it's not safe to delete previous sessions in case they contains samples used in live projects.

    If you ask me, banks should only ever be saved manually, and stored separately from sessions in a dedicated banks folder.

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