Hi and.. Mix and Mastering ideas?

Hi everybody. In these days i'm experimenting a new genre of Trap Beats that use many melodies. There's a 'small problem' because I cannot mix and mastering perfectly that beat. My friends told me that it sounds good but i notice that low freq are a little bit incubate.d It's my impressions?
P.S. It's not a sponsor, i'm gonna remove that beat bc i don't like how it sound, it is online only to make you listen it


Thanks in advance


  • I haven't heard the mix properly i.e. on speakers or headphones so can't totally judge it but musically just not bag at all. Sorry.

  • Hearing some synth notes after some of the kicks that sound like the ends of low frequency tones that might be too low for everyday stereo speakers / headphones. hard to tell tho.

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