Folders that are safe to delete?

Is it safe to delete the .Trash folder ? Also, until they are needed can I delete the 'Focus Actions Templates', 'MIDI Import Map Templates' and 'MIDI Exports' folders? All folders are empty.

I'm guessing that BM3 will generate these folders again whenever it creates the necessary filetype(s) for each one...but I'm not sure.

What about the .nuiFonts.db5 file?



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    Firstly - I don't think deleting any of the folders you mention is likely to cause any problems. However, for anyone reading this post it is worth me repeating some words of caution whenever anyone is tempted to do some file housekeeping, or deleting folders inside BM3.

    The biggest risk is that you delete a sample or recording that is referenced in one of your current ‘live’ projects. BM3 sometimes saves edited and recorded samples in unexpected places depending on when and how the sample was created and the current save state of the BM3 session (it’s particularly common to find edited ‘live’ samples and recordings in the ‘Unsaved sessions’ folder and subfolders)

    Since you can never be completely sure that a folder doesn’t contain files that are referenced in live projects, my advice to other users is to always be cautious. In practice, this means:

    1. Always browsing the folders’ contents before deleting, to see what it contains.
    2. Renaming suspected ‘junk’ folders prior to deleting them, for example adding the word “TRASH_” at the start. If you rename the folder, then try loading a few of your active projects, you’ll soon discover if there were referenced files in those folders as BM3 will pop-up the “files not found” message. If this happens, just rename the folder back to its original name (removing “TRASH_”) and then save a new ‘archive’ version of your project with all samples copied to the project folder.
    3. If you are running out of space, you could always offload/zip up folders you no longer need and store them on the cloud or an external storage device, rather then deleting them permanently.

    This is also why it’s important, when one of you tracks is finished, to save a fresh ‘archive’ version of it - which means ticking the box that creates fresh copies all samples it contains inside the session folder - then potentially zipping and storing that ‘archive’ version elsewhere (dropbox, etc)

  • Very, very wise words.

    I'm pretty careful and organized with folders and files that contain anything in 'live' Sessions. Or anything with actual audio files or presets.
    There are some folders in the Documents folder though that are more like Administrative folders, if you will, (similar to any system or database that creates empty folders) that are sort of pre-made and sit ready for the files that will be saved to them. They've remained empty since I've had the app. I should just leave them be ..but i swear the .Trash and .nuiFonts.db5 just appeared recently after I updated something [ ! ] ;)

  • Interesting. and good to know. btw are you deleting those 14 folders because you've just done a back up? I've not used that app but looks like you're deleting 13 GB of data.
    and by 'Not Original' data you mean anything you've recorded, imported or purchased and things like effects presets?

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