Various banks won't recrord

I have a session with about 9 different banks. Most have no issue with hitting record and me tapping on the pads, and playing back.
But 2 of them won't record. I can hear them while playing, but nothing is recorded.
I looked in every setting I could to see what the difference is and they seem identicle ..except for what samples are used.
What could possibly be causing this issue?



  • edited February 2020

    Got impatient, so I loaded the session...deleted the problem banks one at a time.....then reloaded the problem banks. Tested and all worked. Saved session with updated name.

    Must a had a Buglet somehow in the session file.

  • Interesting. Hopefully this is just one of those very rare anomalies.

    Glad you found a workaround.

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