BM3 and Audiobus

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Can’t use BM3 with Audiobus.
Anyone succeed?


  • Hello jeezs,
    first open BM3 and then Audiobus will help.

  • yes it works!!

  • Yeah, this works but is far from ideal. Will this ever be fixed? Or even better, will BM3 get an AUv3 version?

  • oh geez, it's sucks w/ BM 3 as well? argh...

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    @FATHOM said:
    oh geez, it's sucks w/ BM 3 as well? argh...

    I believe it's more accurate to say BM3 sucks with Audiobus, not Audiobus sucks with BM3. I can't prove it but I think the fault is with BM3's implementation. My reason for this is other large DAWs such as Auria Pro and Cubasis have no need to be opened first.

    However, the only real issue with BM3 and Audiobus is the need to open BM3 before starting Audiobus. Annoying, but not a show stopper.

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    I stopped using Audiobus years ago when I found I could do everything I needed via AUv3 plugins inside BM3.

    What is it particularly that you need Audiobus for @FATHOM ?

    Perhaps there is a different solution to your problem

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