Un-ghosting MIDI patterns - how?

"Ghost-ing" is a term from Energy XT where, by default, if you copy a pattern a bunch of times, changes to any of the patterns are copied to them all. How do I shut this off? I just copied a 4-bar pattern, then added a clap to the end of the 2nd one. I just want the clap there, not also in the original pattern too.


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    There are two ways to copy midi patterns:

    1. Repeat creates a linked copy of the pattern with identical name. If you make changes to any instance of a linked pattern (eg adding a clap) then this is applied to ALL linked copies of that pattern.
    2. Duplicate creates a new unlinked version of the pattern, with a different pattern name. Any changes you make to this pattern does not affect any other pattern (unless, of course, you have created more linked copies of it!)

    In summary...
    Repeat: creates linked pattern copies (aka 'ghosting')
    Duplicate: creates new unique versions of a pattern (so you can make changes without affecting others)

  • Yep, in your case for the clap not to appear on the original...use Duplicate.

  • NS2 and Xequence 2 both have a nice feature that can be summarized as 'make unique'.
    Meaning a repeated pattern can be individually selected and 'made unique' which in practice makes a copy of the original, no need to hunt down in the original pattern, duplicate it and drag it back to the arranger.

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