The ability to move group of midi notes up or down one octave

Fairly new to BM3 and one thing I miss from logic is the ability to quickly select all MIDI and short cut keys to move midi notes up or down an octave.

If it’s already in it...let me know


  • Transposing is manual only, unfortunately - though I've gotten used to it.

    This is one area I'd really like to be able to take advantage of the arrow keys on my qwerty keyboard to nudge and transpose groups of midi notes (hopefully the Dev is reading this!).

    Note - Another hack way to to do this is to adjust the pitch of your plugin by +/-octaves if it provides these controls, or moving the tuning dial +/-12 semitones when working with samples.

  • Maybe put 4 arrow keys at the bottom of the midi section along with a select all button

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