How to export MIDI track as audio.

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I’d like to export MIDI sequence created by BM3 as audio. But If I select EXPORT > AUDIO Export, only empty audio can be exported. Does anyone know the way to freeze MIDI track and render it to audio?



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    Assuming your midi sequence is playing sound via an instrument plugin or samples, there are 2 ways to 'freeze' the audio...

    1. Use BM3's export feature. If necessary, you can tell bm3 to only export the bank you want to freeze, and you can also tell it to only export between the loop markers if that helps. Once finished, you can find the exported audio file in the file browser, and import it back into your project (either as a new audio track, or as a sample).
    2. Create a new audio track in your project, set the input to the bank you want to freeze, then hit record. Any sound made by your source bank will automatically be recorded to audio on the audio track.
  • Thank you!

    The steps you gave me were the same as I did, but I tried it carefully again. And it was successful. Probably I was muting the track I wanted to export :#

    By the way, I was playing AU plug-in with MIDI pattern of BM3.

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