Group Pads One Shot Loops (solved)

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For example:
Group 3 Pads with one shot loops.
Hit 1 pad (1) starts the loop.
Hitting another pad (2) within the group stops the last pad loop (1) and starts the loop on (2)

If anyone knows of how to even remotely rig this type of behavior with other hardware or apps I would be interested.

I think this is a feature seen on newer Drum Pads from Alesis , Yamaha and Roland.


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    You might be able to do it already in BM3 with choke groups and midi latch.

    No promises, but I'll give it a try when I get home from work.

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    Yes, good news @diex68 - It is possible in BM3. But it will require you to purchase the (incredibly useful) Midi Tools plugin from Audioveek ($4.99) so that you can enable latch mode for each of your pads.

    1. Load your loops onto each pad as normal.
    2. Keep release mode set to One Shot, and set loop to Forward for all pads
    3. Set choke group to 1 for all pads.
    4. Load Midi Latch (from the Midi tools suite) onto each pad, but disable the second switch on the plugin UI, labelled “un-latch after retrigger”)

    Here’s a quick video of it in action with 3 vintage drum loops:

  • That is awesome! Will set this up ASAP.

    It’s perfect. Thanks

  • This worked perfectly. Thanks again.

  • You're welcome! :+1:

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    Hi, I tried what tk32 suggested, but without success. What I want to do: trigger a MIDI sequence in my hardware E-MU Proteus 2000 Rompler in Beats Mode. I load an audio loop in the Samples tab, set its duration to zero, set the MIDI channel to 16, the note channel to each corresponding MIDI note. When I press the pad with my finger and hold it, the MIDI drum sequence loops fine. But even with the MIDI Tools Latch it does not set the pad into hold mode. What I‘m doing wrong?

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