Track notes doubled in speed

Working on a small project earlier today.

Sonically fusing some strings together and the notes
I played in via the bank pads didn't play back properly.

Instead of playing at the normal speed, they doubled in speed.

I was over dubbing parts using the same bank.

So Bank 1, pad had a part playing then bank 1, pad 2 etc, etc.

No filters or effects though there was some looping.

Also some of the notes didn't playback as well.


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    It sounds like the pattern overlap glitch that has been in bm3 for ages.

    If you have two instances of the same pattern on the timeline, and the tail end of the first overlaps the start of second, it triggers an old glitch that causes the second pattern to play at double speed.

    Solution is to either..
    1. Shorten the overlapping pattern so there is no overlap (ie drag the right edge inwards to remove any overlap)
    2. Use the duplicate command to make the second pattern unique.
    3. Select both patterns and merge them together into a new single combined pattern.

    I have an old video somewhere demonstrating the problem and also the solution(s). Once I find it I'll post it below...

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    Short video demonstrating the overlapping patterns glitch, and how to fix it:

    In the video I fix the problem by making the second pattern unique (using the duplicate command). Once I've done this you will see that the two patterns can overlap without causing an issue.

  • @tk32

    It was the pattern overlap glitch for sure.
    I was loop recording at the time.

    Thank you for the video.

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