Vocals in BM3

Looking online can’t see many guys recording vocals in BM3..like singing vocals.
Most you tube vdos begin with a “what’s up” and then tapping the same old drum beat and bass...
So any advice on making clear standout vocals in BM3?
I find the effects in Cubasis 2 more convincing too....bit weak the BM3 effects?
Voloco for tuning too?
Thanks for comments,


  • There's absolutely no reason you can't do killer vocals in BM3 - either via the sampler or on a dedicated audio track. As for plugins, if you're not happy with the ones built into BM3, there are tons of awesome AUv3 plugins out there from the likes of Toneboosters, FabFilter, etc that will let you process vocals to a pro level.

    There are several AUv3 autotune options too, but that's not something I have much experience with.

  • I've done a few vocal tracks in BM2 although I've not yet attempted anything in BM3 aside from samples. Here's one I cooked up from a few years back.

  • Great replies and convincing vocals....you’re making me feel more happy now...

  • Make sure you have an interface and mic you are happy with. I'm pretty sure what BM records is just the bits that come out the back of the audio interface :-)

    That said, the BM effects are pretty vanilla, and you might want to spend $10 or 20 on some plugins. Some things I like:

    • (Bram Bos) Kosmonaut (delay)
    • (Bram Bos) Perforator (filter gate)
    • Eventide MicroPitch (chorus)
    • Eventide Blackhole (reverb)
  • And for auto tune ?
    Thanks for help.

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