BeatMaker 3 section now LIVE on

Attention Beat Makers!

We now have a dedicated section on the website to upload and share BM3 Banks, Presets, Templates, and other files.

I hope you will help the community by uploading anything that other users may find helpful


  • The first free patch is now up...

  • @tk32


    This is good news.

  • Thanks @Gravitas

    I am already working on some more patches to upload.

    Looking forward to seeing this resource grow as others begin to contribute.

  • Well done!

  • I now have 3 FREE BeatMaker3 patches available on

    Note - all patches below are made with tiny ‘single cycle’ waveforms and only built-in BM3 effects

    Here are the audio previews:

    001 Space Synth

    002 Space Riser Mono

    003 Square Arpeggio

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    Awesome! Thanks for creating the PatchStorage BeatMaker 3 space.
    Your patches sound incredible, especially since they're tiny single-cycle waveforms.

  • edited March 15

    Shoddy kits removed. I'll come up with a universal layout first.

  • Nice drum kits @Sequencer1 !!

    Did you sample all these yourself from hardware?

  • Hey thanks! They're from many different sources - software, web, my old hardware - a smorgasbord of fodder. Dirty sounding though, not my best, but may be useful for 80s/90s hip/trip/glitch hop.
    I'll upload some 'hardware exclusive' kits once I clean them up. More 00s IDM/glitch-oriented though.

  • Excellent. Obviously, we have to be careful not to share any copyright or commercial content there.. but otherwise, I'm really looking forward to your future submissions!

  • edited March 15

    Definitely! No © or ® or ™ content here. :wink:

  • Just added another single-cycle based Synth patch

    004 Supersaw Trance Pluck Lead

  • Nice. Would like to see you work your magic on a few WAVs from Moog Model D (Free right now)!

    Is there an easier way to download patches from PatchStorage?

    This is what I'm doing:

    In Safari - go to
    To download the patch - tap the download arrow at the bottom of the patch.
    In Safari - tap the download arrow at the top, tap the zip file and it will open Apple Files app, where it downloaded to 'On My iPad'.
    In Files app - tap the 3 dots on the file, tap Move, move it to a BM3 folder in 'On My iPad'.

  • The kits I uploaded stunk so I removed them. Going forward I'll focus on HiFi IDM/glitch kits all using the same layout, so, the drums will be on the same pads across all kits.

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