BeatMaker 3 section now LIVE on

Attention Beat Makers!

We now have a dedicated section on the website to upload and share BM3 Banks, Presets, Templates, and other files.

I hope you will help the community by uploading anything that other users may find helpful


  • @tk32


    This is good news.

  • Thanks @Gravitas

    I am already working on some more patches to upload.

    Looking forward to seeing this resource grow as others begin to contribute.

  • Well done!

  • I now have 3 FREE BeatMaker3 patches available on

    Note - all patches below are made with tiny ‘single cycle’ waveforms and only built-in BM3 effects

    Here are the audio previews:

    001 Space Synth

    002 Space Riser Mono

    003 Square Arpeggio

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    Awesome! Thanks for creating the PatchStorage BeatMaker 3 space.
    Your patches sound incredible, especially since they're tiny single-cycle waveforms.

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    Shoddy kits removed. I'll come up with a universal layout first.

  • Nice drum kits @Sequencer1 !!

    Did you sample all these yourself from hardware?

  • Hey thanks! They're from many different sources - software, web, my old hardware - a smorgasbord of fodder. Dirty sounding though, not my best, but may be useful for 80s/90s hip/trip/glitch hop.
    I'll upload some 'hardware exclusive' kits once I clean them up. More 00s IDM/glitch-oriented though.

  • Excellent. Obviously, we have to be careful not to share any copyright or commercial content there.. but otherwise, I'm really looking forward to your future submissions!

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    Definitely! No © or ® or ™ content here. :wink:

  • Just added another single-cycle based Synth patch

    004 Supersaw Trance Pluck Lead

  • Nice. Would like to see you work your magic on a few WAVs from Moog Model D (Free right now)!

    Is there an easier way to download patches from PatchStorage?

    This is what I'm doing:

    In Safari - go to
    To download the patch - tap the download arrow at the bottom of the patch.
    In Safari - tap the download arrow at the top, tap the zip file and it will open Apple Files app, where it downloaded to 'On My iPad'.
    In Files app - tap the 3 dots on the file, tap Move, move it to a BM3 folder in 'On My iPad'.

  • The kits I uploaded stunk so I removed them. Going forward I'll focus on HiFi IDM/glitch kits all using the same layout, so, the drums will be on the same pads across all kits.

  • I grew up in a pretty hostile environment where this kind of community and support is so rare I don’t even know how to handle how crazy supportive this community is. TK and Wim alone are like solution wizards that pop up out of nowhere and solve issues that would take us weeks and cost us premature gray hairs back in the MPC/SP days. Super grateful. Good karma to spare.

    The scratch patch by @chenzenmfk is dumb good. Sounds so real, I’m an 80’s kid original Bboy who is surrounded by purists and I’m so on board. If I could just figure out how to set up my own vocal chop samples to scratch those, I would be stoked beyond belief.

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    @tk32 said:
    Just added another single-cycle based Synth patch

    004 Supersaw Trance Pluck Lead

    Thanks foor share good video

  • hey guys , im a new beatmaker who has just started making thefirst beats if by chance it doesn't bother you give me feedback on these beats i just posted ?
    tank you

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