Modulation Wheel

Hello Guys
Can someone tell me how to to assign an action to the modulation wheel ?
For the mome,t it does nothong when I play may samples
Is it connected to the modulation page of the sampler ?
thanks +++ for your answers !


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    Mod wheel is a pre-assigned and reserved midi setting, so it cannot be remapped using focus actions in BM3. This means you’ll need a midi controller that already has a mod wheel control (or x/y pad).

    An alternative setup would be to use macros to recreate the effect of modulation - such as increasing the LFO amount, or changing the cutoff of a filter.

    If you explain a little more about what you’re trying to achieve, I could give you some tips or a short video.

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    Hold on...

    I just re-read your question, and I think I misunderstood.

    When I answered earlier I assumed you wanted to control the mod wheel from an external controller, but now it appears you were asking how to map the mod wheel to the parameters of your samples. In which case...

    1. Double-tap any of the sample parameters, such as GAIN, TUNE, LFO AMOUNT, CUTOFF, etc.
    2. From the modulation popup, select MIDI > MOD WHEEL
    3. you can configure the amount that mod wheel affects the parameters via the modulations tab
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