OT: Anyone here a master of the Elektron Octatrack?

Been on the fence for years, watched all the videos repeatedly, read Merlin's guide.
The price of a used MK1 is half the MKII, so it's tempting.

Considering that BM3's audio slicer and sampler is very powerful and easy to use, I'm not sure if it's worth learning and relearning the Octatrack. I've read that if you don't use the OT for a week, you need to relearn the hundreds of key combos and so on. Plus quite a few owners sell it, rebuy it, sell it. Sounds frustrating.

Any thoughts?


  • Long time owner of the octatrack. It’s difficulty is greatly overstated, it’s just deep and people don’t bother taking the time to understand it before trying to use every feature. It’s an absolutely amazing bit of gear and there’s a reason it’s so common in people’s setups. I never forget key combos and it’s not exactly hard to figure out anyway, they’re all mostly written on the front panel. It is definitely not the same thing as beatmaker but it absolutely goes hand in hand with it. Pair the two and you’re set

  • Hey thanks man. I've read the manual and watched videos so many times that a lot is already burned into memory. Plus the Polyend Tracker looks interesting, the sale on XLN XO, Renoise Redux...too many options.

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