What are the piano audio unit v3’s that sound the best

Bought the Beatmaker Grand Piano and it has a very annoying feedback. Makes me mad cause I spent 9.99 on something I can’t even use.

What are some apps I can use as an audio unit?


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    There is a bug with the grand piano patch that's very easy to fix.

    For some reason the reverb is set to 100% wet. Just set it down to 30-40% instead - or adjust to taste.

    I think the bank's creator forgot to change the reverb setting before exporting the bank, and the bug has never been fixed since.

    It's a decent piano, so you didn't waste your money. Besides, I think it's 4.99 (not 9.99)

  • +1 on the Grand Piano IAP quick-fix. It results in a pretty good piano.

    BeatHawk's Acoustic Piano pack is outstanding if you still need an AU solution ($9.99US for the app + $9.99 for the IAP, but they do have sales regularly). PureSynth Platinum ($19.99US) also as some very good acoustic pianos as well as a ton of other useful sounds and a great synth engine. Ravenscroft 275 iOS seems to be the accepted best in class, but costs $35.99US.

    I'm not a good person to comment on the sound quality of these, but I like the Beathawk and PureSynth pianos a lot. The most experienced and particular piano player (with decades of professional playing and music experience) that I've read anything from from says he uses BeatHawk's piano in equal measure with Ravenscroft 275.

    BS-16i is a really good soundfont player if you can locate soundfonts that you like. AudioLayer is good at importing ESX files and now SFZ files (though some people have had difficulty getting that process to work).

  • RavensCroft. Simple.

  • I created an AudioLayer version of the free Salamander Piano sample set. The quality rivals RavensCroft in my opinion though it isn't as feature rich.

  • Ravenscroft. It sounds amazing and can have up to 128 notes of polyphony.

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