Syncing BM3 record with external hardware (Digitakt)

I’m using BM3 with Digitakt. Managed to sync them si Digitakt sends midi clock to BM3. I can control play/stop, set tempo and sequence from the digitakt. But I can’t seem to sync record on the BM3.
Basically I need to tigger record on BM3 in time with the Digitakt. So I can press play on the digitakt and record on BM3, be it digitakt audio, or any synth in BM3. I hope I’m making my case clear... in short I need to trigger “rec” from external hardware. Seems to me like an obvious need so I guess I must be missing something...
I tried the other way around, syncing BM3 clock out into Digitakt. I found this to be more unreliable. It seems to sometimes set the tempo at double. So if tempo is 90 in BM3 digitakt receives 180bpm... having both clock in/out between BM3 and digitakt, which would in theory give me the best of both is a bomb, it goes crazy, probably a midi loop (makes sense this is to avoid).


  • Adding to my own question. In case I’m not missing something and this is actually a feature request...
    Since Play/Stop can be synced fine from the Digitakt, the solution would be to make the Rec button an “rec arm” button like in many daws and Digitakt itself.
    Whereas Rec button now triggers a “rec+play” it would only arm the recording status, that would actually start when pressing play. Since play syncs fine, having pressed “rec” beforehand would have armed for recording and the play instruction from the external hardware would start the recording in BM3.

  • It works with Ableton Link sync, rather than MIDI sync.
    Have you tried MIDI Link Sync?
    I don't have it so don't know if it works.
    There's Link to MIDI but it only does Link to MIDI, not MIDI to Link like the first app.

  • Actually I have. I’m guessing you mean for the “2 way clock-sync”?. I have and couldn’t really tell the difference. To be honest I’ve been doodling around so much I can’t really recall exactly, but at no point did everything “click”.
    Wait!. Re-reading your post. You’re right I have “Link to midi” NOT “midi link sync” (god, this is confusing!). So you think that’ll make a difference?. Gonna try it, it’s only 1,09€ worth the try.
    Will let you know how it goes.
    This I’m assuming is aimed at the sync problems, I still would love to know if there’s a way to sync recording like I mentioned in my post.


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    MIDI Link Sync would be the one for slaving syncing BM3 to DT, but I've no experience with it, other than reading old posts on the Audiobus forum and Elektronauts. It converts MIDI clock to Ableton Link. It hasn't been updated in years, so it may not have the Link V3 features like start/stop sync.

    I am very interested to know if it does the job, since I'd like to get an OT soon. But I don't know if it will interfere with the OT/DT sequencing BM3 at the same time as clocking it though. And Ableton Link is different than MIDI sync, so hopefully not.

    As for your original issue with MIDI sync, changing REC to REC-ARM would be ideal, but in the last update Intua made a lot of changes there, but that wasn't fixed. But it was fixed with Ableton Link sync. Hopefully the developer is able to fix this issue. Maybe try emailing Intua support.

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