Sequence drums from Pure Acid AU with BM3 sequencer

The title says it all: how to sequence drums from Pure Acid AU with BM3 sequencer?
From what I've found, PA should listen do MIDI channel 10 to control drums. If I select MIDI channel 10 (tried both MIDI in and MIDI out) on a pad I have PA loaded in, I still control only the bassline. As it works correctly in AUM, I suspect BM3 is not really sending it on channel 10.
I did some experiments with MIDI monitoring AU loaded in MIDI FX section, but I am just confused... Not sure how the routing of MIDI is supposed to be in current BM3. Is there any manual explaining how MIDI routing between pads, loaded AUs, sequencer and MIDI FX is supposed to work?

Thanks a lot!


  • I finally succeeded. In short: BM3 sends notes on MIDI channel based on the pad’s number. In this case, Pure acid has to be loaded on 10th pad.
    I created a bank with mapped drums on all 16 pads, feel free to use:

  • Nice!

    Glad you cracked it - and thanks for sharing on Patchstorage. :+1:

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