GarageBand for iOS and iPadOS - Getting rid of dead air at beginning and end of a recording

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been trying to learn how to use GarageBand on my iPhone and iPad using VoiceOver. Yesterday I did a test recording from BackPack Studio into GarageBand via GarageBand's InterApp Audio feature. I had to press Record in GarageBand by double-tapping on the screen, then switch over to BackPack Studio via the app switcher, and then start playing the track I wanted to record. Then once the track was done, I had to go back into GarageBand using the app switcher and double-tap to stop the recording. Naturally, there's a lot of dead air at the beginning and the end of the recording, which I want to get rid of. How do I go about trimming off the dead air at the beginning and the end of the recording using VoiceOver? If one of you could please provide a detailed audio tutorial or step-by-step written tutorial on how to do this, I would be most grateful. I want to be able to export the track to a ringtone, and it won't let me do so by importing the audio file as I used to be able to do, so my only other option is re-recording it from a third-party interop Audio app. Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac anymore, so I'm having to work with what I have, i.e. the iPhone and the iPad. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance to anyone who could shed some light.


  • Hi @leeSophia

    This forum is all about BeatMaker3 for iOS, not Garageband.

    I would suggest you will get a better response in in a dedicated Garageband forum, or perhaps a more general iOS music one (like the Audiobus forum).

  • There is no trim in GarageBand but you can adjust the region start & end.

  • If you don't already have AudioShare, you really should get it. It will allow you to easily trim samples, as well as to convert them to various formats. AudioShare is one of those essential apps for anyone making music on iOS.

    This can be done using the audio editor in BM3 as well. Since you've asked on the BM3 forum ... do you own BM3? If you do and would like some help with how to edit files in it, I'm sure you can get that help here if you've tried the manual and still have questions about how to do it.

    As @tk32 has suggested, the AudioBus forum is an excellent place to ask general questions such as this. You'll probably get way more advice than you need.

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