iPadOS 13.4 - FabFilter in BM3

Is it just me or are the FabFilter plugs using a lot more CPU under iPadOS 13.4? In Beatmaker 3. In other hosts like AUM they seem fine.

On the other hand, the Mail app seems to finally be fixed. :)


  • edited March 2020

    Ouch, that doesn’t sound good.

    I might postpone updating to 13.4 for a bit.

    ...although, to be honest, I have almost entirely replaced Fabfilter plugins with Toneboosters equivalents, and I have no regrets

    (Hopefully the Toneboosters don’t exhibit similar CPU spikes in 13.4!?)

  • I only tested for 2 or 3 hours, the heaviest sessions in BM3, ApeMatrix, and AUM.
    No new issues so far from my favorite AUs, but some AU issues carried over to 13.4 (AudioKit, SB Factory...)
    I don't have the TB plugs. Waiting for a bundle.

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