Easy way to sustain bass notes?

Hi there - hope this question isn’t too simplistic!! I’m using a bass bank in a track: Phatty bass actually. i just want to know is there an easy way to set it up so that the note plays continuously when i trigger it rather than a one shot?

any help gratefully appreciated. Maria


  • Sure, set LAYER TRIGGER to HOLD, and set loop points, for each sample. [It may be easier to use an AU synth.]

  • hi thank you so much for getting back. yep i had already figured the trigger set hold part but i think i’m missing something really stupidly simple with the looping bit! still have S and E rather than LS and LE..

  • Sure, set SAMPLE LOOP to FORWARD.
    Tap the LOOP button, instead of START/END. That button is just below the waveform.

    Best practice is to tap EDIT, so you go into the full-screen sample editor, which has more tools.

  • thx for all your help sequencer. it didnt do it for that sound for some reason.. i’ll have to try find a stynth sound i guess. thanks anyway

  • if you can think of anything else i might not be doing? or if that particular sound is just one shot we be appreciated too. if not thx anyway for trying !

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    So you want that sound to continue playing while you hold the key down?

    You can 'sustain' a sample, as long as it has, at a minimum:
    2. AHDSR envelope. The envelope must have an 'S' stage, aka sustain, for the sound to keep playing while you hold the key or pad down.
    3. For short samples, you'd need to set up a sample loop.

    Let me know if that helps.

  • Hi @mazattack

    I've just loaded Phatty bass and tried converting it to a sustained (looping) sound.

    the trick is to enable forward (or back-forth) looping and set the LS and LE markers so that you get a seamless transition between the Loop start (LS) and Loop end (LE) markers.

    Unfortunately, the waveforms this bank uses are very tricky to find seamless loop points for, so I don't think it will be possible to get the result you want with this particular set of samples.

  • It's much easier to set loop points if the sample is mono, not stereo. Use the snap-to-zero option.

    Where is 'Phatty Bass'? I don't see it in the factory content.

  • @Sequencer1

    It's one of the banks that come with the free starter pack IAP

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    Ah, found it, thanks @tk32
    @mazattack Try this one.
    Edited 9 March, deleted Dropbox link. PM me if you still need it.

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