Batch Create Beatmaker 3 Kits from your Samples & Maschine Libraries - Kit Maker

Hey all,
We made an app that can batch create 16-pad kits out of any samples, OR convert your Maschine Libraries into kits, automatically. It is called Kit Maker.



  • For Mac AND PC
  • Interactive GUI interface
  • Create kits for a variety of DAWs
  • Use Maschine libraries to create kit presets of all Maschine drum kits
  • Or use ANY SAMPLES you want to create your own libraries and infinite kits
  • Drag and rearrange pad layouts as you want; save your own custom layout
  • Keep your same layout across all kits; use the same MIDI patterns across all your kits

Creates presets for:
Ableton Live 10
MPC Live, MPC One, MPC X and Akai Force Hardware.
MPC 2 Desktop software (and MPC Touch)
Beatmaker 3 iOS
NanoStudio 2 iOS

and a "Numbered Files" option so you can drag and drop ordered kit samples into:
iMPC 2 iOS
Reason Devices such as
Kong and Umpf Devices,
FL Studio’s Channel Rack Sequencer,
Logic X Pro Drum Machine Designer,
Groove Agent 5,
Bitwig Studio,
and more.

*This is a free upgrade for existing customers.


Get $5 off this first week of our launch using coupon code: LAUNCH

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