Problem with Alesis VI61

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I can't set up my Alesis VI61 because of this problem. How to fix it? I was sending preset to every preset slot but nothing happened. I was changing USB ports but it made no sense.


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    Go to Device Manager, check under Sound, video,..., and USB, and see if there are any errors. Right-click Alesis and check the driver tab.

    You may need to reset your Alesis. If you can't do that in it's software editor, then check the manual to see if there's a way to do it on the hardware (eg power on while holding the XXX button, etc.)

    While you're at it, download Midi Ox and check there too. This software will come in handy later.

    Are you planing on using your Alesis in BM3? BM3's an iPad app.

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