Au notes hang

When stopping or pausing all au notes hang. There is no note off being sent so the notes hang. Makes this app useless...



  • Which AU?
    There are 3 ways a synth stops playing its notes:
    1. Note Off message.
    2. Note On message with 0 velocity.
    3. All Notes Off (CC#123) message.
    Unfortunately, most synths either listen to either 1 or 2, and many don't listen to 3. BM3 sends 3.

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    As @Sequencer1 says, this is not BM3's fault.

    It's down to the individual plugin to make sure they behave correctly when the host stops playback. Have you tried the same plugin in any other iOS DAWs?

  • I just wish BM3 was like all other major DAWs, and sent Note Offs when pushing stop. Not just CC#123 across all 16 Midi channels, since not all synths (hardware and software) respond.

  • I've had a similar issue but with IAAs. So far, using the Model D and AudioSynthKit One. Using MIDI Scope and BM3 as the input, I see All Notes Off (CC123 value:0) is sent on CH1. Strangely, the Model D is indeed set to CH 1 and the sustained note is still hung when stopping the BM3 sequencer.


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    MIDI Monitors usually show the All Notes Off message with a value of 0, but the value is irrelevant. The reason why it has a value is because the message is a control change message (aka MIDI controller message or CC).

    1. Model D hosted in BM3 as an AUv3 - it responds to the message - notes don't hang on Stop.
    2. As an IAA - notes hang on Stop.
    3. Unloaded the IAA, force-closed the IAA.
    4. Loaded the AUv3 - notes hang on Stop.
    5. Force-closed BM3, open BM3, loaded the AUv3 - notes don't hang on Stop.

    In BM3 Settings > SETTINGS & BEHAVIORS, there is a 'MIDI Panic!' button.
    It should be accessible from all windows.

    1. It wasn't until the most recent BM3 update that BM3's own sampler properly responded to the All Notes Off message that BM3 sends on Stop. (Bank Presets with Hold and AHDSR envelope.)
    2. Other DAWs send Note Offs, Note Ons with 0 velocity, All Notes Off, or All Sound Off when pressing Stop.

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