matte screen protector

i'm not sure if this has been discussed before but i got a elecom paper-feel screen protector for use with my apple pencil.
the drum pads feel so much better! i always hated tapping on the glass but i never put much thought into it as i wouldnt want to drag midi pads with me, i use maschine and ableton usually and bm3 is best while mobile imo.
the pads feel sort of like push 2 pads if i remember correctly definitely a lot stiffer than maschine mk3 pads. this particular screen protector is expensive but is totally worth it in my opinion, this saved bm3 for me.


  • Thanks for the advice.

    I looked into the elecom protectors about a year ago, but backed off because I wasn't sure if it was worth the money.

    Glad you're happy with it :+1:

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