Bluetooth headphones for sound quality?

Hey young world! Might you have any suggestions in regards to the best sound quality for production in Bluetooth headphones? This may be a misnomer to even think about quality in a wireless setting, however, I am constantly on the go now with ample free time during my movements. Therefore I’m anxious to receive any feedback on the subject as I am looking to purchase some in the very near future. Thank you.


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    If you're planning to use these for music production, I strongly suggest you stay with wired.

    When you're simply listening to music then bluetooth audio works fine, because latency isn't an issue, but when you use it for making music, the delay of between 70-200ms between you pressing a key/pad and the sound hitting your ears is really noticeable.

    If bluetooth is all you have you can gradually trick your brain to get used to the delay - but trust me, it's not fun!

    Hope this advice helps.

  • With inexpensive Bluetooth headphones, you may hear a very fast panning between the left and right speakers, since the 2-channel signal (stereo) isn't sent at the same time. That can be disorienting, especially when walking or running. I wonder how many accidents/injuries that has caused. The more expensive and recent BT devices and headphones fix this, but at the cost of latency, as @tk32 already mentioned.

    Bluetooth was originally designed for short-range mono (voice) RF telecoms, and the recent revisions to BT are basically software updates to improve its serial port emission emulation. BT likely isn't suited for low-latency audio production, especially if you are simultaneously using WiFi. But some musicians love it.

  • Thank you kindly for your response. The latency isn’t my issue. I just need that wire gone, while I’m out and about! I have some Beats Studio Over the Ear headphones, that I was gifted, but the sound quality isn’t what we all know ‘we need it to be,’ So I’m still looking for some recommendations for whatever headphones provide the best sound. Regardless of how crappy that sound may be. Signed. Looking for the best crappy sound BT has to offer. 😂😩😂

  • Head-Fi has all the answers. Great forum dedicated to headphones.
    Or MF.

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