Bm3 projects not always uploading to Dropbox. My internet is 100% working/ fibre optic.

Anyone else. I noticed recently. Bm3 shows the uploading progress bar till complete but does not always upload to Dropbox. It does not happen very often but in last few days its had this issue 3 times. Also last week I upload a project from bm3 & all my files in the Dropbox folder I was uploading to were gone.Crazy stuff.


  • I too have recently had several issues uploading to Dropbox. From BM3 and Documents App, or from a Windows laptop.

    Also, Dropbox occasionally doesn't show all of my folders, some of which were created years ago with nothing uploaded to them in months.

    This is baloney.

    Could be because more people are working from home, using Dropbox more for sharing data with coworkers.

  • ^ On both a free personal account, and a shared business ($$$) account.

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    @Sequencer1 ok cheers for feedback, I think its a dropbox issue because I tried the same folder Audioshare to Dropbox and same issue. But whats weird is other files have been ok. Very strange stuff going on that is to crazy for my brain cells :)

  • fyi, Cannabis is now considered a Schedule I substance in the US. This is baloney.

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    Not sure if this helps with your bm3-specific Dropbox problem, but I've had issues with Dropbox in the past with files and folders that used non-standard symbols in the filename (like "#" and ":"). i.e. all the ones Windows doesn't like either.

    Might be worth checking if the ones not uploading include any of these?

  • @tk32 cheers . Nope no symbols . Its a strange thing .

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