Launch Pad X vs Akai MPD 218 or something else

Looking to get an external drum pad to connect to my 2018 USB-C iPad. Narrowed it down to the launch pad x or the akai mpd218. What's good in their price range and gives most bang for the buck?


  • I recently bought both and can definitely recommend the Launchpad X! It's 10x better when it comes to the pads. The mpd218 that I got was very faulty and had double triggering.
    Another interesting device could be the PreSonus Atom, which has great pads as well!

  • maybe your MPD was broken ? What i have heared the MPD 2XX series should be good.
    Lets see i will test it next days. ;)

  • edited April 2020

    Same experience with my MPD218. Double triggering, missed hits and different response on each pad. From what I've read online it's known issues.

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