New Here :)

Hi just want to say hello,

im new to iPad .. and BM3 !!
Im totaly flashed ! I thougt iPad music is a gag.

But Beatmaker is the best i have ever seen on a Mobile Platform !! Wow .. i am impressed!!
I own a lot of grooveboxes and gear.. of course hardware has some advantages compared to a touchscreen..
But with BM3 the Tocuhscreen gets also som cool options. :)

so thanks :)


  • Welcome.

    I hope you enjoy learning about the hidden depths of BM3.

    Some find it confusing at first, but it really rewards the time you spend learning to use it properly.

    I recommend the BM3 videos on YouTube by Electronisounds. The ones he made 12-18 months ago are fantastic for learning the ropes.

  • jap already checked electronisounds.. But it is really cool. First use was like:
    Damn cool but where are the fu**in LFOs :hushed:
    But its easy :) and all the modulating stuff..
    It would be awsome if you can modulate the FX with an LFO.. i did not find a solution for that.

  • welcome aboard @dest4b !
    you've started in the right place, BM3 is the best way to jump into iOS music making. tons of information here on the forum and of course loads of YT videos. anything you need help with ..feel free to ask.

    re: the LFO's ..have you explored the 'Modulations' tab at all? LFO possibilities there. Also Macros will help you do cool stuff with FX.

  • next thing is i will test is controlling hardware, clock stability and audio recording from hardware with NI Komplete audio 6 :)

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