Using BM3 as a DAW - help needed

Hi guys just looking for a solution.

I know bm3 isn’t an out and out daw however I was using it for a vocal recording session last night and have a few points to make but also a question.

Is there a way to export the vocal track stems to use in protools and if so is there a way to do it to keep time stamp so all the audio doesn’t start at the beginning when imported to another daw.


  • Audio track duplicating
    This is a must because having one track with the hardware input, reverb send set and track fade level set is such a time saver to just duplicate the track for efficient recording that requires the same settings.

  • Muting assigned input tracks
    i found recording a track that was using a bus and muted. When recording on another track you still hear it or in some cases it acts like a monitor where you hear your signal doubled. The ability to mute tracks without having to take off their input source is also a must.

  • Saving presets of plugins within BeatMaker
    Cubasis has a feature to save presets in the app and not the plugin. Realised I couldn’t do this in BM3 as I couldn’t recall presets.

It was a learning curve but loved the overal functionality of BM3 compared to others and I know it’s more geared towards making beats etc but these features would kill the rest. The fact you can do in house bussing like a fully fledged daw shows just how capable it is.

Thanks guys.


  • Edit
    Also noticed when using the mixer a lot it would constantly slide to the left and not let me use the track I want. Only solve was closing and reopening.

    Just a stupid bug.

  • Edit

    Figured out the tracks stems export 😎

    Any way we can export in mono or record in mono

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