Trying to copy pattern automation Any tips?

So I wrote automation in a pattern using the Track Automation function in Timeline Screen.Is there any way to copy the automation when I repeat a pattern. Also when I copy automation on its own its not snapping to the grid. Been struggling with this. Frustrating. Iam hoping I do not have to re write automation for each repeated pattern. Thanks in advance for any tips.


  • Track automation isn't linked to patterns, but to the Track as a whole.

    If you want automation to be copyable with patterns, you need to use Pattern automation. The button for this is located at the bottom-right in the piano roll editor.

  • @number37 hi & thanks Yes I been able to draw automation to a Pattern in the Timeline but when I copy the Pattern the Automation is not copied too.

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    @number37 can you tell me what the Pattern Automation button looks like if possible. I think I know what you mean now .
    EDIT : ok found it will try it now. Thanks again

  • @number37 nice one Sorted. Was doing my braincells in for hours :)

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