Is this guy...

..Right or wrong? What about the point he made at 11:40? I’d say he pretty much nailed it!


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    The message I get is that he loves BM3 and wants it to continue to get better.

    I have no disagreements there!

    by the way... like it or not... all DAWs on iOS that support AUv3 wil crash from time to time. There is no such thing as a crashless DAW, and this is partly due to the varying quality of AUv3 code, partly due to iOS, and partly due to the limits of the hardware (especially non-pro iPad models).

    If you use good quality AUv3 plugins, and use the app sensibly, there is no reason you should ever lose more than a few minutes work, even if you get a hard crash.

    I use a 2017 10.5" iPad Pro, and I haven't had a single crash for months.

  • @tk32 i agree 100% . I mainly use my Air2. Lots of Au Fx and tracks .Hardly any crashes in months & months. Saying that though I sample more than using Au Instruments. Bm3 has been running so smooth I very rarely use my ipad pro 12.9.

  • @tk32 Well his love for bm3 is obvious in that and other vids he’s done. As for Auv3’s no question there.

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