Duplicate patterns crashes on undo

If I have a scene with patterns of different lengths and «Paste to song», duplicate them and then try to undo it crashes every time: EXC_BAD_ACCESS.

Anyone who can confirm this?


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    Unfortunately, this is an old bug that is still waiting to be fixed.

    AFAIK it only happens when you do precisely this...

    Select multiple patterns > Duplicate > Undo

    It doesn't happen when you undo repeats, only duplicates. and only with multiple pattens selected.

  • Thanks. Yep, repeat is working fine. Note to self: stay away from duplicate. If only it had a «make unique».
    Hope this is on the fixlist for the next update.

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    I use duplicate all the time — it's an essential function for the way I compose — but if I make a mistake I now have a muscle memory to delete the extra patterns instead of UNDO.

  • Way smarter workflow fix :smiley:

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