Need help with a pan situation.

So I’m using FX 1 from Drum FX which is apart of the One Shots category. Bought this pack in the market from beatmaker 3.

The sound “FX 1” has two different Sounds which are completely panned one left and one right.

I need the sound that is on the right side only. I want to learn how to make THAT sound centered and the only sound that I hear.

How do I do that? 😭



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    Not familiar with the sound 'FX 1' but you should be able to pan one sound and mute the other using the Layers on the sampler screen. Select a layer and adjust the volume/pan settings until you figure out which is linked to the sound you want centered and adjust the pan accordingly.

    For the sound you don't want to hear..find the layer it's on and MUTE it or pull the Volume down to 0.

  • If it's a stereo sample you can always go the the process menu in the sample editor select stereo to mono and then only left...

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