Make an MPC project compatible with BM3 ?

Hi, I’d like to know if there’s a way to make an MPC project compatible to use in BM3. To be more specific, I’d like to export an iMPC project to BM3, just like you do when you export your iMPC project to MPC with the dedicated export function. The idea of this eventual possibility came to me when I looked at the content of the ProjectData folder once the iMPC project is exported for MPC : you’ve got all the samples and loops (even the stretched and the sliced ones). But it would take me days to rebuild all the banks manually. In this same folder you find all the .sxq files and the .xal file which represent all the recorded sequences. I don’t have an MPC and I never used it (well, I have the software but that’s all). The other thing which made me hope that there might be a solution (even partial), is the recent KitMaker desktop app, which ease the process of building kits for iOS apps like NS2, BM3, iMPC Pro AND MPC.
So, if there are users who knows MPC and the way its files work and perhaps maybe converted, and maybe some of you used this KitMaker app, I would welcome any advices, ideas or leads which would help me to approach my goal (it’s just a one time thing because I almost never use iMPC Pro but I’ve got a finished project that I really like and I just really can’t settle with a global project export from iMPC Pro ! )
Thank you for your help, !

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