Rozeta MIDI

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I have a problem that did not exist before, I can not use the plug-ins Rozeta because, the plug-ins (Synthesizer) AUv3, does not receive the MIDI information Rozeta plugins, that if it is selected, we do not can not hear what we program. How to fix this problem ? Thank you in advance.

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  • Nothing has changed in a long, long time regarding how Rozeta works with other plugins in BM3. It's working fine here. Is this a recent problem for you?

    I'm afraid it's unlikely anyone will be able to help you unless you provide more detail about how you have it set up and which specific apps you're using.

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    Rozeta, and all other midi plugins, work just fine in BM3.

    Just make sure you load them at the Pad level - rather than at Bank level

  • Good catch. I've never loaded them at the bank level, so didn't know that. Could be why it's not working for the OP.

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