Restore from backup

I backed up a project into my iCloud, along with Samples and banks, then did a nice clear out of my BM3 directories.
Now - what’s the easiest way to restore that backup from iCloud? I just tried opening the project but it couldn’t locate the samples. Do I have to manually move things into specific folders? Or can BM3 automatically do it all for me?


  • I think BM3's saving system is a little overly complicated. But nothing that can't be figured out.
    I'm just used to having some sort of 'archive' feature, for backup purposes.

    How do people backup their data? What process do they use to restore it?

  • best single piece of advice re: backup...

    Once you finish a project save a fresh version with save samples ticked, then zip that folder and export it to cloud storage.

    It's equivalent to packaging all the samples used in the project into one folder so that you have a self-contained backup of the track.

  • Great advice, thanks. What about banks?

  • I never recommend saving banks separately - all it does it create unnecessary duplicates of your samples.

    Banks always get saved inside a project file anyway.

  • “Banks always get saved inside a project anyway”. This is great to know thanks.
    So why would someone want or need to save a bank?

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    The only time I suggest exporting a banks is if you plan to load them into a different project... or else share it with a friend.

    For example, a carefully-constructed drum kit that you like so much you'd like to use it in multiple tracks (...or send a copy to me) :)

    You definitely don't need to do it when backing up your projects, as it just creates unnecessary duplicates of all the samples used in your project.

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