Track not fading up from absolute zero

Is this a bug?
I have a piece of audio that I’m trying to fade up from absolute zero, as there’s a slight pop on the front of it.
I add an automated fade up and it still pops at the front, but when I move it a few bars later so that it doesn’t start at the very beginning of the track, along with the automation, the pop disappears.
Why isn’t BeatMaker honouring the absolute zero start point for volume? Where is the pop coming from?


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    There has always seemed to be something slightly problematic in BM3 with midi events that are aligned with the very beginning of the song lane (let's call this 'position zero')

    I have often experienced midi notes which won't trigger on loop if they are aligned with 'position zero', and automation that misbehaves like the clicking you describe.

    The solution? you will experience less of these anomalies if you train yourself to leave a small empty buffer at the start of the timeline and start your track from bar 1 (aka 'position one').

    Hope this helps.

  • Yes I am going to do that. And I’m happy to use that as a solution - I like pressing play and waiting a little for the track to start to give it some space.

    However, what annoys me is that the grid lines have certain numbers highlighted which are multiples of 2 from the start. Is there any way to turn these off? It makes my song look like it’s offset and aligned wrong. Maybe I just have to get used net to it.

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