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just messing with beatmaker, i recorded this one live, and added some fx at the end, to vary it a bit.



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    just finished with an experimental remix of an Ian brown track called stardust, some feedback, plus anyone else from here on myspace that i can check their stuff.

  • tiktok

    I don't want to sound like a jerk so first off, it's a very creative tune and I do like it. You're missing a lot of the sound due to the transfer, I get it. That having been said, I think the tune could just use more work in general. I found myself skipping around a little bit. It's a great idea, just needs to be fuller, and it will be once it's produced properly. The samples add a GREAT atmosphere to the song. You should take that idea and run with it a little more.

    I listened to your stardust remix also, very cool -- you sound like you're in your element with whatever prog you're using. My only complaint is that there's a fullness it seems to be lacking. That could honestly be the shitty myspace quality though, so props anyways, great work.

    Take care and if you're ever bored -- Here's our myspace.
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