Glitches and noise

I’m getting glitchy, slowed down audio in BM3 using AU plugins that I do get when using in other iOS DAWs. Is BM3 poorly optimized compared to GarageBand? I’m using an iPad Air 2. BM3 buffer setting is the highest it can go. One instance of Moog Model D and anything else it glitches out. Whereas in GB, I can use both a Moog Model D & Model 15 with no trouble. Any suggestions? Unfortunately, GB sucks in every other way.


  • BM3 uses slightly more base resources than GB, but that shouldn't explain such a big difference between your experiences with Model D and Model 15

    It must be said, both of the Moog plugins are seriosuly high CPU, and you will be close to pushing the limits when using them both on an Air2.

    What is your BM3 frequency and buffer settings?

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