Need help with automation

Could someone help me with automation? I loaded the fly tape plugin on my master track. Enabled automations. Hit record and when it got the the part I hit the half speed effect button inside the plugin. Play it back and nothing..... Go to the automation tab on the master track and I can clearly see where it recorded the automation but it’s not doing anything on play back. Any help. I must be doing something wrong.


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    Hmm. And all the Automation is still enabled? Is the red 'On' button for FlyTape on in the Audio FX section on the Master Track? I've had automation behave weirdly before. Try saving and reopening BM3 and same thing with that session. If nothing still.... try drawing the half speed parameters with the automation tools.

     I loaded a new session and put Fly Tape on master track.. hit half speed in middle of loop and it recorded the automation and played back fine. but there were also two other automations that it recorded.. parameter 17 and 39 or something. I deleted everything except 'half speed' and like i said it worked alright. `

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    I think it’s a bug. I saved it, closed it and it worked fine when I re-opened it.

  • cool. yeah, like i said, i've had it happen plenty but reopening fixes it 99% of the time.

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