What is the best way to apply an audio fade in/out to an individual section of audio?

I have an audio track with several splices along it. I want to duplicate one section to extend the whole track, but I don’t want to just cut off the end of the audio and stick it there. I want to apply a cross fade.

So what’s the easiest way of applying a fade out to one section of audio? And then a fade in to the next section of audio, all on the same track? Or would you do this on two different tracks using automation?

Is cross fading audio clips even possible in BeatMaker?



  • BM3 doesn't have crossfading built in.

    My advice it to duplicate the audio file, then apply a fade out on the end of the first one, and a fade in at the beginning of the second one, using BM3's audio editor tools.

  • I’m finding the audio editing tools very tricky to use. Is the fade in and out applied in the ‘edit’ page? And the only way to play the file there is to hold down the play button next to the file name at the top?

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    To play the file w/o holding down Play arrow:
    A couple boxes below the waveform, on the left you'll see 'Layer Trigger'.
    Change from 'Hold' ... to 'One Shot' or 'On Release'.

    And Yep, the Fade In/Fade Outs are done on the 'Edit' page.
    Choose the Start/End points of your fade.
    Underneath the waveform, far right panel select : Process > Fade In

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    tk32's suggestion works the best. Use the two different tracks like you mentioned but instead of automation just fade the files in the editor. BM3 will read it as a smooth crossfade. ORRRR automation would work fine as well if that's something you use more often. [ But get to know the Audio Editing Tools in BM3 sooner than later. THey are your friends. They are really pretty basic but quite essential and powerful. ]

  • that said..

    @vincent please include Fade options | / | .. | \ | .. |><| in the Song View or Pattern View. It's audio software for god's sake.

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