Audio track editing

Is it me or is audio track editing unnecessarily difficult in BeatMaker 3? On an audio track, I double click on the sample in the timeline, and go into pattern mode. I can’t navigate to a particular point in the track to do anything. Then I press ‘edit’, and the same problem happens.

Editing audio tracks only seems possible on the timeline but then you’re limited to cut, copy and move. If I wanted to add a simple fade out to a particular clip on a track, I can’t do it (not automation, I’m talking about combining several takes in one track.)

It just feels really unintuitive. Am I missing something? I love BM3 but the audio track work is too hard. Considering cubasis 3 as a result, but I’d miss the functionality of BM3.


  • Basically. . don't do it that way. You're totally correct in that it's unintuitive, at first, but you can't really do much by 'double clicking' or hitting 'Edit' from the Song / Pattern View. you'd think that by doing so it would take you to the sampler but it doesn't.

    ALL your audio track editing you're going to want to do in the Sampler Page. Similar layout but way more features and possibilities. So instead of double clicking .. drag your audio into the Sampler. From there not only do you have all the features like ADSR, filters, FX, tuning, pan, vol, etc but you can also more surgically edit the audio. Just hit EDIT. Look under PROCESS for more options. You CAN combine several takes into one track by copying and pasting. You can fade/ reverse/ time stretch/ normalize /etc. I left some more info in another post too ..before i saw this one. Post back if you have any more Qs

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