Drum mixing & mastering workflow?

What is your BM3 drum work flow?
I’m trying to figure out how to make my drums sound better in the mix.
I hope some of you can share some suggestions or tips and I hope everything is explained clearly with the correct names for everything!

After I finished creating a song I then move to the mixer section to adjust the individual track volumes.
I then create separate aux tracks for the kick, snare, hats and toms. Then I added eq and compression to each aux track.

Do I still need to create an aux track for the whole drum group (is this called a drum bus?) and add eq, compression, limiter to this group?

If I should create the drum bus, do I just add the effects to the drum track itself or create an aux for the drum group?
Any pros or cons in adding the effects to the actual track or creating an aux track?

Is there anyway to determine the order of the aux tracks? I assume I would want the kick, snare etc to go through their own aux tracks first, then be sent to the drum bus?

Lastly, do I add eq or compression first in the effects chain?
Thanks for any help!

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