Can I record midi from instruments that are not played with the drum pads?

I cant seem to get BM3 to record the audio OR midi of my Ruismaker Noise. Is it because BM only recognizes midi that is “played”?

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    By default, yes. Bm3 only records the midi notes you play.

    However, it is possible to re-route the midi output from Ruismaker using a midi FX plugin by Audioveek (midi tools > midi route) so that the midi can be recorded/captured in your bm3 midi patterns.

    Search this forum for 'Audioveek' to read how to set this up :+1:

  • Thanks for your help!

    I was wondering have you ever run into the problem where Audioveek doesn’t recognize the plugins your trying to get midi from? I tried Ruismaker and Sunrizer so far and no luck...

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    Tip - you have to load the Route MIDI plugin onto an individual pad. If you load it at bank-level it isn't able to capture any midi.

    Watch this video for a setup guide:

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